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VCCA Legislator of the Year


At the recent convention of the Virginia Court Clerks' Association, the Legislative Committee announced that Senator Emmett Hanger was chosen as the VCCA Legislator of the Year by the association.   Presenting the award was Paul Ferguson, co-chair of the Legislative Committee along with VCCA President Chaz Haywood.   Senator Hanger has been supportive of the Clerks' Association Career Development Program and other key legislative action items for the clerks of the circuit court in Virginia. Pictured here is Senator Hanger thanking the clerks for their service after receiving the award from Paul Ferguson and Chaz Haywood.   Congratulations to Senator Hanger and thank you for your partnership with the clerks.

Greetings and welcome to the Virginia Court Clerks’ Association (VCCA) Website!   The VCCA is a professional organization of elected circuit court clerks, deputy clerks, court professionals and business partners.

Many citizens do not realize that there are actually 3 courts in most counties and cities in Virginia , which include the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, the General District Court and the Circuit Court.  The Clerks of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and the General District Court are appointed by the judges of those courts.  The Clerk of the Circuit Court is elected by the voters in the respective county or city.   As elected constitutional officers, Clerks of the Circuit Court are directly accountable to the citizens, and provide a vast array of valuable services to the citizens in Virginia . A brief description of the those services and the duties of the Clerk of the Circuit court can found on this website under Duties.

Clerks of the Circuit Court are active community leaders, volunteers and members of numerous civic organizations in the numerous counties and cities in our Commonwealth.  In recent years, Clerks of Circuit Court have implemented cost-effective and efficient technology improvements which lead to better service.  Some examples of these technologies include secure remote access to public information, E-recording, and digitizing of public court records.   As public servants, Clerks of the Circuit Court have been mindful of the welfare of our citizens as they have implemented redaction programs to remove confidential and private information from public records as permitted by state law, and they have worked with the Virginia legislators to pursue programs to protect private information of citizens.

For more information about the services available in your local Circuit Court Clerk’s office, please contact your local Clerk of the Circuit Court.


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